The Housing, Education, Research and Advisory Center (HERA-C) of the Faculty of Architecture & Urban Research Development Center (URDC) of Eastern Mediterranean University proudly present the first of their podcast series 'Storyboarding the Home and the City'. 

It has been the coronavirus pandemic that inspired the creation of these digital audios, as we were enforced to pull ourselves from the visual world and submerge to sound experiences. As Juhani Pallasmaa indicates in his eminent book 'Eyes of the Skin', 'it is the vision that separates us from the world whereas the other senses unite us with it. Let's celebrate this unfortunate happening by re-connecting with our other senses, submitting ourselves to the treasures of the pandemic era, by hearing, smelling, touching, and smelling. To give you this experience, the podcast series will focus on matters of importance to housing and urban issues through the questioning of the past; critiquing the moment, and intermittently forecasting the future. These digital audios may sometimes offer you bizarre- delightful-heartbreaking obnoxious-exciting stay-home moments through the portrayal of real-time stories and memories on self-experience, homes, and cities; interviews with the devil and his/her advocate (the architect – the user, the user-the master builder, the contractor- the architect, etc.) creating the moment and the future; paradoxes on home and homelessness, the modest and the extravagant, sustainable and unsustainable, the ethical and unethical making us all think where we are, where we want to go and where we can go. Sometimes academics may take the lead, presenting the evidence and theorizing about the circumstance, painting us a rose garden or doomsday scenarios. The invited guests from various disciplinary fields would contribute to these on-line discussions through their rituals, performances, the materiality of memory, and remembrance of that particular matter on the agenda creating a storyboard for us to embrace or reject. 

The first guest of the series is Hüseyin Yanar, an architect & academic, an author, a devoted learner and mentor who graduated with high honors from the State Academy of Fine Arts, also known as MSGSÜ. Yanar finalized his Ph.D. on the Volumetry of Rhythm in Architecture and thought at the same institution for many years. His journey at Oxford Brookes University started with his MPhil course on Rhythmic Textures and Settlements where he spent five years of his life managing architectural design studios and giving some lectures. Later, followed his Finland experience where he joined Aalto, Tampere, and Helsinki Fine Arts Academy mentoring many Arts and Architecture students. In 2013-14, he was invited to Busan Dong Eui University in South Korea as a visiting professor, where he became an Associate Professor. For the last four years, he has been coordinating experimental design studios at Tampere University, Finland. Hüseyin Yanar has numerous awards, jury memberships, talks, exhibitions, articles, and some constructed projects. He has an architectural studio named Orpheus North Architects. The first volume of his book, 'Portraits' which has an introductory from Juhani Pallasmaa, was published in 2011 in Finland and attracted a lot of interest in the region. He has lived in four different countries and learned from four different cultures, and was always captivated by the charms of Architecture of which he followed. Yanar loves writing, mentoring, learning, sketching, and nature. 

On the 22nd of May, Hüseyin Yanar is going to touch your hearts in his native tongue, Turkish with his talk on 'KENDİMİZ OLMA HALİ: IŞIĞI KENTİ YENİDEN KEŞFETMEK ÜZERİNE.(The State of Being: On Rediscovering the Light and the City).Follow us @HERA C, DAUKENTAG Facebook Sites & Faculty of Architecture's Youtube Channel.

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